artist's statement

Art is one of the greatest tools that human beings have for self-expression.

Multidisciplinary artist
I usually paint in oil on canvas, in relatively large formats - more than a meter.

I usually work with a small palette of melancholy colors in shades of blue and gray, with touches of warm and cold colors.
In my work, the main topic I am talking about is human emotions and childhood.
Elements that recur in my work:

* Human heart


The warm colors are used to emphasize the balance to which we aspire and must enter our lives, and the heart as the human medium and its importance to us as human beings.

I believe that openness in our hearts will make us experience the infinite power of nature. Our lives become more beautiful as we put our hearts into them.
We must find the will of our true heart.

Another topic in my work is children.

It all starts in childhood - our true human raw material of nature before consciousness and emotions fill most of our lives, and guide us.
And most of the time we reach a stage of self-awareness as we grow older, realizing that we are just a collection of patterns that have shaped us.
Our childhood has a significant impact as we are an adult entity

We have the ability to understand this, and to understand that human power is our choice.

Emotions in our lives are of great importance, they are a very powerful tool
 They have a significant effect on human life
They can drag you to the depths of the abyss, or take you to the summit of the highest consciousness.
We need to learn them, experiment with them, understand them in a machine called "I".

As an artist, every media I use is an expression of my subjective experience, my childhood, my behavior patterns, the way I see the world through my emotional experience, and art is the form of projection onto the viewer as an experience and sharing.

In my work I want to evoke the viewer, emotions, imagination, and a kind of time travel within it.

Sahar studied at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv, and "at the station" for figurative painting.

Sahar, is an artist who develops with his works through an abundance of mediums:
* Sculpture
* 3D design

Exhibits and participates in exhibitions and galleries in Israel and around the world.
Works with commercial, private and cultural entities.

Sahar lives and works in Tel Aviv Israel