Age: 28 years old

Residence and Studio : Tel Aviv

Graduate of Avni Institute and "The station" school of figurative drawing.

Group Exhibitions:

2015-Jaffa Gallery
2015-Tirosh: Herzliya
2016-Tirosh: Herzliya
2016-Bank Hapoalim: (Aids Task Force)
2017-Bank Hapoalim
2017-Emek Hefer Art&About Gallery
2018-Bank Hapoalim
2019-Group Exhibition San Diego.

A solo exhibition:

2017-Avraham Hostel Tel Aviv


Artist Statement

I usually paint with oil paints on canvas, ink on plywood, and I also experience with graffiti. Also usually, I work in relatively large formats - over a meter.

For the past three years, I have been developing my personal style and my main theme, which is "the heart."

I tend to work with a small palette of melancholic colors like blue and gray, with touches of warm colors.

The warm colors are used to emphasize the balance to which we aspire to and must enter into our lives, and the heart as the human medium and its importance to us as human beings.

I believe that openness in our hearts will make us experience the infinite power of nature. Our lives become more beautiful when we bring our hearts into them.

The heart is a pump that injects blood to every cell in our body. And so our ability as human beings to expand it and provide ourselves to humanity as a better and more beautiful thing.

We must find the true will of our hearts.

Another theme in my work is children.

It all begins in childhood - our real product in nature before the mind and the emotions fill most of our lives, and usually we reach the stage of self-awareness in adolescence, and we understand that we are just the collection of the patterns that shaped us.

We have the ability to understand this, and to understand the fact that human power is our choice.

We must understand this machine, which is called "I".

As an artist I speak through my paintings. I try to break conventions and especially let the human experience connect to the creation and allowing the viewers’ imagination to work.

Sahar Matana